How to Host Your Own Git Server on a Raspberry Pi

A tutorial series to get you up and running with GitLab in under an hour.

Since its original release in 2012, Raspberry Pi has been a key companion to developers around the world for automating software tasks and building low-cost networking projects. Its capabilities have grown significantly over the years, so much so that I have started to use my Pi to self-host a git server (GitLab) at home.

I am going on a journey to document how to set up a git server with all the tools you need on Raspberry Pi, so you can do the same in 2021 and beyond. Let’s start baking our pi…

Basics of how to set up a Raspberry Pi. We are installing a headless version of Ubuntu Server and establishing local connection via ssh.

Further configurations for your Raspberry Pi. We are creating user accounts and setting up network configurations to access Pi using domain names.

Setting up a Postfix mail server on Raspberry Pi. We are configuring an external email client as a relay to send email notifications.

Setting up a git server for the Raspberry Pi. We are going through GitLab configurations to create user accounts and utilize the mail server.

Further configurations for the git server. We are setting up continuous integration for GitLab to build and deploy projects automatically.

Setting up a reverse proxy service on Raspberry Pi. We are exploring how to serve static web pages and setting up a homepage for our Pi.

Adding SSL support for Raspberry Pi. We are creating security certificates to serve secure services and web pages locally.

Wrapping up our tutorial series. We are creating a test project and see the continuous integration in action.

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